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eh2010 - Munich
Subevent of easterhegg
Type of Party
Start 2010/04/02 (iCal)
End 2010/04/05
Venue: EWH
City: Munich
State: Bavaria
Country: Germany
Min Cost: 23
23 USD
17.02 EUR
14.03 GBP
0.0329 BTC
1,417.26 INR
Max Cost: 50
50 USD
37 EUR
30.5 GBP
0.0714 BTC
3,081 INR
Important dates
Papers due:
The date "21.02.2010(??)" was not understood.
The date "21.02.2010(??)" was not understood.
Event in series easterhegg

Hello, we will hosts this years easterhegg in Munich. The easterhegg is a annual meeting held by the ChaosComputerClub with talks and workshops. We invite you to spend the hoiydays with us and do some creative stuff like hardware hacking, designing the future and of course Party.

Yet the page and most of the talks are in german. Breakfast and coffee flatrate are included in the ticket and available 24h/day.

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