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Hackerspaces teach classes on a wide variety of topics. Often people create their own pedagogy (class materials, teaching methods) for topics that have been well treated elsewhere. This page was created to help people from “reinventing the wheel”. Please feel free to add your own links, subpages, etc.

One impetus for creating this page was a pair of panels at Maker Faire 2011 and subsequent discussion in our mail list. The first panel at Maker Faire had three notable hackers (Jeri Elsworth, Ben Heckendorn and Mitch Altman) talking about “Education of the Future” wherein the moderator asked about hackerspaces and education. Unfortunately, the topic was not all that well addressed by the panelists. The 2nd panel "Hackerspaces: future of education" had a larger number of hacker/teachers, with moderator from and talked more directly about educating in hackerspaces. The lack of shared resources was noted in the Q&A and suggestion made to start this page.

Videos of the first panel: Closing Commentary Full Edit

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