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First name Alex
Last Name Nunn
Nickname smartfelly
Last Updated 2011-09-02
E-Mail Address
Member of
Country United States of America
City Dover
Wants to build Hackerspace in Dover
Other users that want to build a Hackerspace in Dover none
Location 43° 11' 52.30" N, 70° 52' 25.21" W

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I am an amateur electronics enthusiast dabbling in various other hobbies. I have so many different projects I'm working on, some of the time I finish them, and I have even more I'd like to start. I collect a lot of materials, either from work, broken things, or garbage. Things I'd like to build: a bipedal robot, a large animatronic skeleton, a simple flying machine, a CNC mill, a 3D printer.

I am arranging meetups for local makers and am always open to new members to the group. Check my website for info on the next meetup.