Derby Mini Maker Faire UK 3rd June 2012

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Derby Mini Maker Faire UK 3rd June 2012
Derby Mini Maker Faire 2012
Type of Workshop
Start 2/6/12 (iCal)
End 3/6/12
Venue: Derby Old Silk Mill Museum
City: Derby
State: Derbyshire
Country: United Kingdom
Min Cost: 1.5 GBP2.113 USD <br />1.732 EUR <br />5.492958e-5 BTC <br />154.162 INR <br />
Max Cost: 3 GBP4.225 USD <br />3.465 EUR <br />1.098592e-4 BTC <br />308.324 INR <br />

About Derby Mini Maker Faire: Derby Mini Maker Faire will be the 3rd Maker Faire in the UK, with past Maker Faires in Newcastle and Brighton. This Maker Faire is a collaboration between Derby Museums and Nottingham Hackspace – and is to be held the amazingly appropriate building Derby Silk Mill – the site of the World’s First Factory!