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Status active
Country Norway
State or District Rogaland
City Sandnes
Date of founding 2022/08/25
Last Updated 2022-11-05
E-mail dataklubb-sandnes (at) outlook.comURIs of the form "dataklubb-sandnes (at)" are not allowed.
Snail mail

Sandnes bibliotek, Elvegata 27
4306 Sandnes

Number of members 20
Membership fee Free at the moment, but membership fee might be introduced in the future. In the meantime, ad hoc sharing of expenses and hoping for sponsorship funds, if needed.
Location 58° 51' 5.43" N, 5° 44' 22.10" E

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Dataklubb is a creative computer club in Sandnes 100% for, by and of the kids and youth themselves. Expected 11-15 years old, maximum 18 years old. Adults are welcome only if especially invited to contribute, hold courses, workshops, talks etc.

Located at the Sandnes municipal library/cultural center, regular meetings Thursdays at 16-19, or whenever else ad hoc organized and there are vacant rooms/spaces during opening hours.

Focused on any creative projects involving computers and electronics; programming, graphics, music, servers, network, 3D-printing etc., including game programming, modding, servers etc., but excluding gaming itself(which is encouraged as well together outside meetups, on club servers, worlds/maps, games, mods and other creations/equipment...).

Mostly bring your own PC/SBC/MCU/Chromebook/other equipment, your own projects and ideas and will to cooperate, be creative, meet new people and have fun together.

But there is also some equipment on the house, like a 3D-printer, vinyl cutter, projector, network/internet access, club server, server room for other always-on services and a room dedicated to the club with chairs, tables and electricity.

Safe and creative environment inside the Sandnes library/cultural center, with many other exciting and educational activities and next to the cultural school, and with 3 library staff in charge of security and some support, chat inside the Sandnes schools system and many parents acquainted and standing by to help, if needed and wanted. Some exchange/contact already with the makerspace/Idéverkstedet at Sandnes science center(Vitenfabrikken) nearby and pupils/schools inside and outside of Sandnes. Want to meet and connect kids and youths in the area with creative computer interests.

All kids/youth below 18 years old with similar interests and the desire to learn, share and cooperate are welcome. No prior expertise needed, but it helps to be self driven, curious and do some work also in between meetups.