Code for America @CAPS2014 - Brussels

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Code for America @CAPS2014 - Brussels
Code for America @CAPS2014 - Brussels - July 1st
Subevent of CAPS2014
Type of Workshop
Start July 1st, 2014 (iCal)
End July 1st, 2014
Homepage: CAPS2014
Venue: The Egg
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
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Code for America is on its way to conquest Brussels! The organisation will host a workshop on the occasion of the 1st international event on collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social innovation

// A new Era of Movement Organizing: Using APIs to Track and Motivate the Grassroots Code for America is a non-profit that brings together local governments and technologists, to make cities better for everyone. Through multiple programs, Code for America works with communities across the United States, and increasingly, the world. Supporting and coordinating this grassroots movement to change the relationship between citizens and their governments is a logistical challenge–a challenge familiar to any movement. To address this challenge, CfA has developed a new open-source tool. The Code for America API tracks and motivates activity and participation across the civic technology movement. The tools that local groups use are all different. The CFAPI does the difficult job of being able to track these activities no matter what tools an organization is using. The participants don’t need to change their activities to be included. Data from the API can then be consumed by many different organizations, for many different purposes. During this workshop, we will walk through the API codebase, fork the project, and begin redeploying the tool for use organizing other movements supporting sustainability and social innovation. Non-technical members of the audience will benefit from participating too, and will be able to take what they learn back to their respective organizations. Participants will need a computer and internet access. Before the workshop, each participant should create a Github account. Working knowledge of the Python programming language will be extremely beneficial for those hoping to redeploy the API. Register now @