Club Workshop - MIG Welding

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Club Workshop - MIG Welding
MIG Welding
Type of Workshop
Start 6/15/2013 (iCal)
End 6/15/2013
Homepage: MIG Welding
Venue: 999 Vallejo Street, Unit #2
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Country: US
Min Cost: 40
40 USD
29.6 EUR
24.4 GBP
0.0571 BTC
2,464.8 INR
Max Cost: 45
45 USD
33.3 EUR
27.45 GBP
0.0643 BTC
2,772.9 INR

MIG Welding

Saturday, June 15, 2013, 01:00pm - 04:00pm

Welcome to MIG welding for beginners. $40.00 for members/$45.00 for non members. Five students per class.

In this class you will learn basic MIG welding techniques, and all the safety that goes with it. Such techniques are proper torch control and height, and how to operate the MIG welder. Also you will learn to use the hand held Plasma cutter in this class. The final project in this class will be to butt weld two pieces of material to together, weld them to a plate and see if they will hold water. Welding helmets, welding gloves, and safety glasses are provided.

Requirements for this class: Long pants, long sleeve shirt, and closed toed shoes. Shorts and sandals are not allowed in the welding shop.

You must call to reserve a spot in this class, there are five spots available. 720-324-7222.

Location : Club Workshop 999 Vallejo ST #2 Denver, CO 80204 Contact : 720-324-7222

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