Club Workshop - Intro to Vinyl Cutting

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Club Workshop - Intro to Vinyl Cutting
Intro to Vinyl Cutting
Type of Workshop
Start 6/12/2013 (iCal)
End 6/12/2013
Homepage: Intro to Vinyl Cutting
Venue: 999 Vallejo st
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Country: US
Min Cost: 40
40 USD
29.6 EUR
24.4 GBP
0.0571 BTC
2,464.8 INR
Max Cost: 45
45 USD
33.3 EUR
27.45 GBP
0.0643 BTC
2,772.9 INR

Intro to Vinyl Cutting

Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 06:30pm - 09:30pm

Max of 6 Participants

This class will include an hour of instructional time, followed by up to two hours of practice time. Bring some of your own ideas of what you would like to cut.

$40 members/$45 non members

Location : Club Workshop

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