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ChaosKueste Logo.jpg
Status closed
Country Germany
State or District Schleswig-Holstein
City Kiel
Date of founding 2005/02/03
Last Updated 2020-05-08
IRC ircs://
Snail mail

c/o Toppoint e.V.Fraunhoferstr. 2-4
24118 Kiel

Number of members 23
Membership fee 12 €/month
Size of rooms 35 m²
Location 54° 20' 29.67" N, 10° 7' 30.78" E

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ChaosKueste is the local Chaostreff in Kiel. Usually we meet every monday at 07:00 PM (CEST) in the Toppoint e.V.

Frickel (Electronics group)[edit]

We've also got an electronics / microcontroller group (Frickel) which usually meets every friday at 07:00 PM (CEST). We look forward to create free (as in free speech or free beer) and open source soft- and hardware. Anyone with a bit of interest can visit us.