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I am currently a City University student living in the Bronx looking to further develop and explore my interesting in hacking stuff. Despite the reputation, the Bronx has a thriving art scene, businesses, communities and smart people who would be very receptive to having a local hackerspace/makerspace.

While I live in the Bronx and could simply remain a member of a fablab, hack/maker-space in Manhattan/Brooklyn. It's the time and cost of travel as well as membership on top of my other commitments which make this impractical in the long-term. In my mind, it defeats the very nature of the culture to learn what I've learned and not seek to share with others. While I love to build a 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC machine, or other devices it's my main goal to both get more involved in hacker/fab/maker culture while also exploring opportunities to bring it to The Bronx.


If you're also a Bronx resident, by all means reach out and get in touch with me. My email spam filters are fairly aggressive, I pretty much never check my spam box, but that's a good way to reach me. If that doesn't work, drop me a line by means of the Hackaday dot IO site under the "carnold" username.

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