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Status closed
Country United States of America
State or District Oklahoma
City Oklahoma City
Date of founding 2013/01/11
Last Updated 2014-03-26
Website http://cspaceokc.com
Wiki http://wiki.cspaceokc.com
Phone 4052534931
Twitter CSpaceOKC
E-mail Derek@CSpaceOKC.com
Snail mail

1700 W Main St
73106 Oklahoma City
United States of America

Membership fee $35/mo or $360/yr (Sliding scale available)
Size of rooms Approximately 5000 ft²
Location 35° 28' 3.77" N, 97° 32' 36.98" W

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C3 Studios' C-Space is a place for technology and creativity to meet. Our community features a diverse skillset that ranges from computer programmers to robotics experts to sculptors. This diversity can lead to amazing things when we combine our talents.

Our members have 24/7 access to our facilities. We also hold public meetings and open house events for those curious to see what is going on.

This Hackerspace has a Arcade

This Hackerspace has a Kitchen

This Hackerspace has a Lathe

This Hackerspace has a Soldering Iron