Breizh Entropy

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Breizh Entropy
Status active
Country France
State or District Brittany
City Rennes
Date of founding 2010/10/01
Last Updated 2024-01-03
IRC ircs://
Snail mail


Number of members ~20"~" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 20.
Membership fee Free subscription
Size of rooms ~40m²
Location 48° 6' 50.04" N, 1° 38' 12.34" W

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Breizh Entropy[edit]

Breizh Entropy is the hacker space which emerged from the Breizh Entropy Congress (BEC). Like all other spaces, we intend to hack in several domains such as electronic, computer music, digital arts, free software and so on.

The congress[edit]

In april 2010 took place in Rennes the first Breizh Entropy Congress (BEC).

One sentence from the CFP resumes it pretty well : "This inter-disciplinary event focuses on free (as in freedom) creations and culture."


Possibly a second edition of the BEC [1], a free (as in speech and beer) wifi network...

More informations here.

Stay tuned !