Bilbao Makers

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Bilbao Makers
Status suspected inactive
Country Spain
State or District Bizkaia
City Bilbao
Date of founding 2012/07/26
Last Updated 2021-12-01
Snail mail

Deustuko Erribera 70B, 1º
48014 Bilbao

Number of members 12
Membership fee Monthly payment or voluntary work in our activities
Size of rooms 150 m2

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The Maker movement, considered one of the seeds of the third industrial revolution by The Economist or Wired Magazine, has an important community in the Basque Country. Bilbao Makers wants to act as a catalyser in order to activate this hidden potential to innovate so that all types of proyects can be born: new prototypes and startups, new practices for traditional small companies unfamiliar with digital fabrication technologies, transversal collaborations…etc. We concentrate under the same roof professionals from all types of disciplines to share tools, knowledge and proyects. We’re a meeting point for everybody interested in digital fabrication, cooperative approaches and positive social change, tearing down barriers that separate disciplines, the amateur from the professional and the academic from the social/entrepreneur scene. We want to democratize the use of digital tools for learning, designing, creating and innovating. We want to give birth to proyects that were out of reach due to a lack of equipment or knowledge. We offer: - A I+D+i lab and digital fabrication tecnology affordable and accesible to anybody. - The possibility to be in the frontline of tons of innovation based proyects, in a full of oportunities and potencial partners’ environment. - Handmade solutions thanks to the strategic assesment of our distinguished members in diverse areas. - The opportunity to be part of a community fully commited with creating social and economic value. - Connecting you and your proyects with related communities and partners from all over the world. - The opportunity to contribute to an authentic democratization of innovation and entrepreneurship. Why we do it? There’s plenty of reasons: We want to contribute to a true democratization of digital manufacturing tools, innovation and entrepreneurship. We prefer tools and knowledge when they are shared and open to everyone instead of being in the hands of a few privileged ones, just like the first Hackers in the Massachusets Institute of Technology that used to lockpick the doors of the greedy teachers that kept only for them the best equipments. We want to help eachother our members so that all our proyects can flourish. We believe that the digital revolution in the Basque Country will have the same social commitment that has always been defended in this land with the weakest ones. We want to give the world a different view of what’s going on here, a fresh, avant garde and innovating image of the Basque Country. We believe the future is just around the corner. All we have to do is start walking and go there.