Becycle Aberdeen

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Becycle Aberdeen
Status suspected inactive
Country United Kingdom
State or District Scotland
City Aberdeen
Last Updated 2020-07-30
Snail mail

23 High Street
AB24 3EB Aberdeen
United Kingdom

Membership fee No membership fee
Location 57° 10' 4.87" N, 2° 6' 3.45" W

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Community driven free bicycle repair, hacking and lending. Lending is for free, except a fully refundable deposit of £40.

beCyCle is a community project (not a charity) which is run solely by enthusiastic volunteers. It is simply about sharing resources and knowledge by like-minded people. It is self-organized and heterarchical.

beCyCle presents an alternative learning model to the top-down structure of schools and academia, where only certified teachers can pass their knowledge down in a formal, standardized fashion. As effective as that model is, beCyCle on the other hand is all about collaboration and “hands-on” and sharing.If you learn how to patch a punctured tube today, you can show it to someone else tomorrow. No need for a paper which certifies you as a “Qualified Patcher”.Thus, knowledge is distributed and skills are applied effectively, and even though maybe slower, it is a great way of learning things effortlessly and creatively.

The Workshop is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1-6pm.

beCyCle can make use of basically any unused bikes. Old bikes are either repaired and passed on to someone for use or taken apart for spares. If you have an unused bicycle or parts simply drop it off at the workshop!