Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces/September 26 2014

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BACH 2014 Organizing Meeting wiki


  • Matt (sudo)
  • Davida (LOLspace / Sudo)
  • Judi (EB Maker Labs / organizing the non-organizable)
  • Praveen (LOLspace / Noisebridge / sudo)
  • Hol (sudo / omni)
  • Andy (Noisebridge / MIT peeple)
  • Jenny (Sudo Room / Noisebridge)
  • Naomi (Noisebridge / sudo)

Announcements (5 min)[edit]

  • Sausage and suds Oct 5 in San Leandro
  • Oct 4 - Noisebridge Remix Party! (w00t)
  • Marc wants to live-stream 2014 BACH Unconference
  • Fundraising video - single take walkthrough on October 5th at sudo!

Agenda(80 min)[edit]

  • Improve registration / calendar
    • Add Andy and Mitch
    • Add Affiliation field
  • Secret agenda of BACH Unconference: "hope everybody feels affiliated with sudo room" ;)
  • Food
    • Reach out to FNB - Davida will reach out
    • Phat Beets?
      • Francisco -- ask farmers market folks?
      • Davida can connect to Max
      • Ray Lai?
      • Sudo food hackers?
    • Potluck?
      • Beans & Rice, DIY
      • Ask Patrick Xu about Sudo Mate

BACH Agenda[edit]

  • two-day
  • Tracks: Best Practices / Tips & Tricks / What Works, What Doesn't
  • State of the Hack / birds of a feather / tech-specific breakout groups
  • Mitch travelogue?
  • Hacking Society: Food, Housing, Water, Power, Infrastructure
  • Food Hacking
  • Mutual Aid concepts - disaster readiness
  • Community Asset Mapping
  • Culture Hacking
  • BACH wiki - use
  • Short presentations on each hackerspace
  • Project Pitches / 5 minutes of fame
  • Speed Geeking / Project-based speed-dating
  • Funding Models (crowdfunding, memberships, Hacking Mitch Kapor, etc;)

Title Ideas:[edit]

  • An action-oriented unconference for dreaming big and hacking the planet
  • Think regionally, act globally
  • Think intergalactically
  • Action-Oriented Hacking: Make Your Space Awesome


  • Who to contact? individuals and groups to attend and participate
    • Key individuals
      • Hilary N -- Mitch
      • Kachina -- Mitch
      • People who've thought of starting a hackerspace
    • Media / Press
      • Radio Stations (Naomi) - Mutiny Radio, Radio Valencia, KFU, Berkeley Free Radio, ATA, Artist Hill Vission Access

Invitee List[edit]

  • Ace Monster Toys -- Mitch
  • Benicia Makerspace -- Mitch
  • CCL - Jenny
  • Double Union -- Mitch
  • Hacker Dojo -- Mitch
  • Hayhackers -- Mitch
  • LOLspace -- Mitch
  • Mothership Hackermoms -- Mitch
  • Noisebridge
  • Sudo Room
  • Counter Culture Labs
  • Cloyne Court -- Mitch
  • RockIT Colabs -- Mitch
  • Diablo valley?
  • Open Oakland
  • CSM Makerspace -- Mitch
  • Black Girls Code - Travia
  • freespace -- Mitch
  • women 2.0
  • geek girl
  • Mutiny Radio
  • Radio Valencia
  • ATA (Artists Television Access)
  • KPOO
  • Stamps from Elsewhere
  • Grey Area Foundation for the Arts
  • Bio Curious -- Mitch
  • Norton Imperial Labs -- Mitch
  • M.A.C.H. 925 -- Mitch
  • Community Innovation Lab, at Santa Cruz Public Library -- Mitch

Hackerspace propaganda[edit]

  • Encourage people to bring swag (tshirts, stickers, etc)
  • set up screenprinting / tshirt stenciling station?


  • what should people know when they come here?
    • Expect newbies, hold newbie session
      • Judi is newbie greeter / portal
    • Prepared to share and talk about topics of interest -- they are creating the content
  • How to get here (all the way to door)
  • How to handle food
  • Accessibility solutions
  • BART directions
  • Feedback form for the end of the conf
  • Code of conduct?
  • What should hackerspaces bring?
    • Prepare to present on their space!
    • Swag

Unconference Process[edit]

  • Prep the day before (Friday)
  • Lots of sticky notes
  • Time-based grid segmented by room
  • Map of the building on the website
  • Workshops!
    • Soldering
    • LED throwies
    • Cool little workshops that are easy and fun
    • Actually make stuff!


Omni Floorplan:

Not all rooms may be accessible at the time of this event, but some should surely be available:

  • Probably some number of the rooms in yellow on this diagram (but not all)
  • Ballroom
  • Ballroom Mezzanine (1 and 2)
  • Ballroom Stage
  • Basement common space (except rehersal Sunday afternoon)
  • Basement library/reading/common rooms
  • (former) Bocce Ball Court / Warehouse space (red & green on the plan)
    • Currently inhabited by sudo room and counter culture labs!
  • Maybe some portion of the cafe/bookstore
  • Maybe other parts of the buildings if other collectives want to participate


  • Projectors (2)
  • PA
  • Livestreaming equipment
  • Restock and clean bathroom
  • cleanup
  • equipment
    • Paper
    • Pens
    • Sticky Notes
    • Tape
    • Signage
    • Colored tape (duct tape)
  • Room Maps
  • parking
    • secure bike parking
    • 10 minute walk from BART

Other Logistics[edit]

  • Unperformance
  • Swag
    • t-shirts
    • stickers
    • Bring a stencil - stencil-making station!
    • Bring a shirt to hack!


  • We can set up around ONL on Saturday evening - out of the ballroom by 6/7pm
  • La Commune pop-up bookstore and brunch on Sunday morning
  • Free to stay in sudo / basement all night!

Magical Tour (10 min)[edit]

  • Robot ride

Entry/Front Desk[edit]

  • Ribbon lanyards color-coded to 'don't photo,' 'ask', or 'fine with me'
  • Badges / nametags w/ 5 keywords
  • Hand out welcome pamphlet w/ map and code of conduct

Action Items[edit]

  • Everyone on outreach! Sign up on pad
  • Naomi on childcare (room available, hacking & art corner for kids?)
    • Survey actual interest in having childcare from registered folks
    • Solicit donations of hourly help.
  • Coordinating w/ Alana and Jeremy - Matt
  • Talk w/ Francisco about reaching out to local vendors - Jenny
  • Reach out to Jake about his projector - Jenny
  • Reach out to La Commune about Sunday brunch and using their space for some sessions Sat/Sun
  • Email Judi stuff to print - <> with subject BACH:PrintMe
  • Davida putting together a survey for feedback
  • Leslie doing signage!
  • Hol making stencil for BACH shirts

Event Ideas[edit]

  • Hold a Cryptoparty during the event!
  • Present some newer projects, game with Tor, key-signing party
  • Premiere of CryptoTheater?
  • Serve Food
    • Matt: I think this is integral, we should expect to have food, plus potluck!
    • Especially bring hacker foods--I'm sure we'll make some Sudo Mate for everyone (open source, carbonated, caffeinated mate soda beverage)
  • Couch-share & bikeshare
    • See pad for these!
  • New "member orientation" design hack session
  • Safe Space / Conduct Guidelines, etc
  • How to Start a Hackerspace Workshop


Fri Oct 10[edit]

  • Preparation

Sat Oct 11[edit]

  • 10am - Doors Open (with breakfast & all-day potluck), Newbie orientation bits
  • 11am - Mingle & sharing with "5 keywords" on nametags!
  • 11:15am - Opening Session & "hacker barometer"
  • 11:35am - Fill out schedule
  • 12pm - Lunch
  • 1pm (to 6pm) Sessions
  • 6pm - Closing & Report-back
  • 7pm-8:30pm - Dinner?
  • 8:30pm (to All Night) - Hackathon

Sun Oct 12[edit]

  • 10am - Doors Open (with breakfast & all-day potluck), Newbie orientation bits
  • 11am - Mingle, Review schedule of sessions, Adjust!
  • 12pm - Lunch
  • 1pm (to 6pm) Sessions
  • 6pm Five Minutes of Fame
  • 7pm - Report-back & Dinner

Code of Conduct[edit]

BACH is dedicated to a harassment-free event experience for everyone. The BACH series of events are open, inclusive forums for sharing of ideas. BACH participants include speakers, vendors, makers, tinkerers, families, students, and everyone else wanting to experience BACH events and be part of the BACH community.

It is important for participants to step beyond prejudices, societal norms, and other perspectives that lead to disrespect for people and groups. Everyone is welcome at BACH events, regardless of race, class, gender identity or expression, age, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, personal appearance, or education level, text editor choice, and other aspects of who we are.

In short: BACH is a space for tolerance and respect.

BACH strongly values free speech. We also value our attendees, and do not want any to feel marginalized or intimidated. We encourage talks that address hard topics. We also encourage everyone to think about how offhand comments they make about others may contribute to making some feel unwelcome in this community.

Vendors are encouraged to promote their products or ideas based on their own merits, not on the appearance of their staff. The BACH conference staff members are available to provide guidance, and to mediate disputes, should they arise. BACH seeks to ensure no attendee is harassed. This includes, but is not limited to: deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, or unwelcome sexual attention.

The event volunteers reserve the right to eject anyone from the conference at any time. If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have related concerns, we encourage you to contact a member of conference staff immediately, or call our hotline, which will be posted at the conference. based on

Photos of the first BACH Unconfernece[edit]

Mitch's photos