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First Meeting Apr 26[edit]

Please share far & wide with interested parties (they can subscribe to this list here:

The first BACH (Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces) planning meeting will take place this coming Friday, April 26th at 7pm - 8pm in Sudo Room at 2141 Broadway, Oakland, CA entrance on 22nd St between Broadway and Telegraph.

This coincides with sudo room's "hacker happy hour" which should be good for general socializing before or after the planning meeting. The Public School's ( room adjacent to Sudo Room should be available, providing some private space to talk.


  1. Select Date & Description for first BACH event (an event to define BACH)
  2. Decide simple communications strategy
  3. Develop action items and action item owners (or remaining needs for help)
  4. Select Date and Location (not Sudo) for next planning meeting (if necessary).