Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces/July 20 2013

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BACH, 4th meeting:

  • Richard (Hacker Dojo)
  • Christina (HD)
  • Brian (HD)
  • Judi (San Leandro Coworking)
  • Praveen (Noisebridge/LOL)
  • Matt (CCL)
  • Jenney (Sudoroom)
  • JC (NB/Sudo)
  • Patrick (Sudo)
  • John (HD)
  • Jon (HD)
  • Arun (HD)


  • Hackers in Residence
  • (inventory tracking) (prototype at Labitat)
  • Hacker Exchange
  • Bay area hacker transit (commuting people between spaces)
  • Hack the hackerspace (BACH hackathon)
  • open hackerspace day
  • video portal
  • connecting human capital
  • uncoference

pain points and topics-

  • Getting started (sleepy community syndrome)
  • census
  • sister space presentations
  • newsletter
  • mate recipe? (on the sudo website)
  • co-hackathons / group hackathons
  • bio-/robo-??
  • schools/education

  • Judi:teachers afraid- not sure they know what we are doing and not always knowledgeable
  • Richard: need regular meetings! mailing list
  • Praveen: need to have a sense of ownership
  • JC: need to have a sense of values, tool/survey of values, basics/best practices
  • JC: BACH media re: hackerspaces, show and tell, 5 minutes of fame show and tell demo day
  • Praveen: invest in you as a person, long term relationship
  • Richard: zen like- just a space to gather, temple, room, just let it happen, dont undervalue doing nothing
  • Richard: how to manifest a space, fees, membership
  • JC: bay area hacker commerce, schwag and branding, e.g. SudoMate
  • ichard: dojo has a lot of startups
  • Praveen: LOL cooperative economy and legal aid
  • Jon: NGO hacker-presence (stealth)
  • Richard: what does it mean? why do we choose coalition and who is in/out?
  • Jon: spaces elsewhere are more pay to play, office spaces
  • JC: Rockit co lab available
  • Jon/Praveen yetizen (gaming/mixers)
  • Judi: advanced manufacturing is desired, city is looking for members
  • Richard: bring together worlds of economic development and people potential, foment
  • Praveen: need to blog and collect alternative economic models,
  • Matt: germinator
  • Richard: common theme is connection. Maybe a game where people circle and share ideas
  • Jenney: POSSE list one thing needed one thing offered (monthly sudoroom)(hacker happy hour)
  • Patrick: 2 wks- potluck, building coalition with artists and food people
  • Jon: need to open things up, three things on the list, meetups
  • Richard: if you build it will they come? how do you popularize it?
  • Group: different materials for 3d other than plastc, e.g. metals
  • Richard: network graph, not likely to find stuff through immediate group, need bridges
  • Praveen: connecting human capital, identifying bridges, who are the bridges
  • Brian: special skill, share that
  • Praveen: social networking? if i can find the person? who do you know?
  • JC: Ambassador/evangelist
  • Praveen: other countries
  • Judi: suitable tech - skype on wheels
  • JC: MC Hawkings is at sudoroom to get more hacking love
  • JC: collaborative race car- fun
  • Brian: need to have network, telepresence during happy hour,
  • Richard: how do we share data
  • JC: anonymity is part of ethos, encryption
  • Jenney: mycelia: node can discern permissions and read write, scuttlebutt
  • JC: build community by who has the entry pin for space- separate pins for different groups


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