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BACH Meeting Notes – April 26, 2013


  • Tim (Marin), JC (#fort), Jenny (sudo), Marina (sudo), Eddan (sudo), Matt (sudo), Judi (San Leandro), Len (sudo), Marc (sudo & Labitat)

First BACH Event[edit]

  • Exhibit Hall / Demo Space
  • Unconference-style
  • Political party conventions
  • Targeted outreach could muster a reasonable showing

→ Leisha, ShoSho (Hackermoms), Mitch, Liz, Danny (NB), Grubulous

  • Roundtable with selected topics that everyone can flow in – top 3 concerns / issues

→ Delegates at the table :) → Crowdsourcing the topics

  • Prior to the event, delegates are decided on to represent the various local hackerspaces participating
  • Co-host / run the event – different spaces reasonable for different aspects of the program
  • Documentation and recording of the event
  • Hold it at sudo? Noisebridge? Oakland Commune?

Goals for Event[edit]

  • Comments to the SEC re: crowdfunding on behalf of BACH / Common Declaration (Eddan)
  • Getting hackerspaces inter-exchanging; introducing to new spaces; networking/exchange (JC)
  • Commitment from key people of different hackerspaces to convince them to participate (Tim)
  • Needs assessment (Marina)
  • First steps toward shared inventory / skills / projects database (Jenny)
  • Needs assessment and general feedback / survey / patterns document / sociology (Matt)
  • Converge, commit, feedback, interoperability


  • End of May – mid-June
    • May 31, June 8, June 15, June 22, June 29
    • Doodle poll to set the dates

Communication Strategy[edit]

  • Weekly IRC check-in at #bach on freenode
  • Announcements on the meetings only
  • Weekly discussion thread?
  • Asynchronous/synchronous option
  • RSS feed syndication
  • Newsletter and updates on the various spaces
  • Check to register #bach

Future Meetings[edit]

  • Play Bach to open! and then dim the lights and begi
  • Play Bach to close! and then fade out to end
  • How often should we meet?
    • JC suggests a monthly ritual (cites his experience running a user group)
    • Table this til the first event (consensus)
    • Tim suggests a model akin to the Chamber of Commerce
    • In Vienna, the Chamber of Commerce is running a Tor node. Convinced due to economic espionage, and it became standard in the business community (Eddan)
  • Open Hackerspace Tour (JC)

Discussion Overflow[edit]

Shared Values[edit]

  • Helping to articulate the unique and common values among the spaces.

Regional Coalition-Building[edit]

  • Larger scale – all of California, West Coast
  • Decentralization and federation; create a model for building regional coalitions – a lot of them are built upon standards → Creation of protocols / reference
  • NIST – National Institute for Standard Technology
  • BACH is interested in forming an open standard by becoming a reference implementation for becoming a regional hackerspace

“There's never competition, only collaboration.” -Judi

Action Items[edit]

  • Date Doodle (or When2Meet) - Matt
  • Description – Eddan, Matt & Jenny
  • Outreach to folks on the wiki page or who haven't listed themselves but would most likely be interested – All
    • New folks should add names to wiki page
    • Subscribe to low-traffic mailing list
  • BACH Newsletter – Judi / Jenny / JC
  • Social Media Strategy
      1. bayareahackers
    • #sfbayhack
    • #bachgrp FTW

Next Meeting[edit]

  • May 24 (Friday) in San Leandro