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What works well and what doesn't in your hackerspace?

  • Mitch does an overview of the rise of hackerspaces and the creation of the Hackerspace Design Patterns ( )
  • Boots and reboots - both sudo and noisebridge have done this recently
    • For sudo, our 'boot' was a kickraiser (kickstarting fundraiser), and our reboot was our move to Omni
    • Noisebridge closed down for a month and reopened - way to reinvigorating bonding and energy. They've sinced decided to have a biannual reboot
    • Thomas Jefferson "Any good government needs to have a revolution every two years
  • NB: When people who don't belong take over the space - eg; at the fall of Occupy, the leeches and parasites took up residence at NB
    • Core of NB culture is everyone feeling empowered to say when things are excellent or unexcellent
    • The people who would have told people they didn't belong drifted away

What works[edit]

  • Do-ocracy! [NB[
  • Charisma Pattern- Tom Sawyer white fence technique ;) [sudo]
  • Starting off by deciding on values and creating culture (rather than renting a space and expecting community to just arise)
  • Greeters that can ensure people feel welcome and want to return

What doesn't work[edit]

  • Trolling
  • Long tangent on dish duty