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Mesh and Community Wireless

Why are you here?

  • Steve: Early idea of mesh when wi-fi first came out seemed like a good idea! Why didn't it work?
  • Marshall - Wants to mesh Benicia!
    • Sudomeshers: Just do it!
  • Carl: Wants wi-fi to cover the East Bay
  • Goal: To make it possible for someone with some technical skill to deploy a mesh in a dense urban area
  • Hardware: home router, omnidirectional antenna, directional antenna
  • Things to consider: Fresnel zone, hidden node problem, fog, water, trees
  • Friends: High-gain panel antennas
  • FSO (Free Space Optics)? A: See Koruza (gigabit laser links)
  • What's the backbone?
    • Not dependent on a single source - decentralize all the things!
    • Internet Archive has a 1Gigabit tower in Richmond
    • Just got a matching donation of $3K for two AirFibers for long-distance gigabit links
  • Discussion of failed mesh projects (eg Portland)

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