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How to start a hackerspace

noisebridge came together and got funded quickly. Community building is work. Be excellent to each other.

boat hackerspace started small, then three, four...a communicate through Facebook

need a good list of people re fundraising.

Biggest successes are the surprises. Funding like monthly might work, bu tofu do out weekly anonymous is keeping us Alive (was gittip)

ace monsters paid off laser cutter, reduced prices overall now

biotech hacker space got lots of equipment from community, also community building with labs got more equipment

subgroup interests: legal structure & Zoning, diversity, how not to become dumping grounds for stuff; Mitch will have session later son how to tell if people Belong in your space, social dynamics


  • Sudo: Rolling anonymous donations - (don't have to keep track of who's paying)
  • Ace Monster Toys: Paying off purchase of expensive equipment through charging small usage fees
  • Biocurious: Building relationships with biotech companies (equipment in exchange for volunteers)


  • Adam (Breakwater) - permitting and compliance
  • Mitar (Cloyne) - how to grow a diverse hackerspace
  • Mike (tinkerhack) - infrastructure and heaps of donated stuff
  • Rayc (NB) - hackerspace usability