BACH2014/Hacking the housing crisis

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Hacking Housing

  • Jenny: Sharing backyards and adjacent back lots for tiny tiny house villages, making this a trend
    • N55 Collective in Copenhagen
  • Adam: Free or almost-free (less than 5K) boats for free everywhere
    • Put it on a trailer and you've got a micro-home!
    • 27-30 ft is realistic to deal with
  • Richardson Bay is free to anchor at - million dollar view for no rent
  • Roman: Modular structures for building live/work spaces - Http://FutureLiving.Info
    • Creating a cowork/live community called Innovation House - very flexible adjustable living space
  • Kevin: 90% of income goes to rent :( - 1) tiny homes in abandoned parking lots, 2) architect-academic friends say repurposing of old buildings into livable spaces is a trend, 3) platform for an anti-AirBnB
  • Sunny: Lives in a hacker house, sometimes 18 people living there - much like a hostel but free. kinda enjoys it :)
  • Ben: Creative solutions to expensive housing; multi-use space
  • yar: we need more places for people to live that benefit te people and not the landlords - whether its finding abandoned properties that already exist or figuring our a whole new fabrication technique. collaboration over competition is necessary mode. finding a new way of housing that goes viral.
  • Pod - XLterrestials - currently analyzing technoutopian idealism, wants to focus on housing next. evicted from a live/work space in SF, moved to Berlin where there's more interest in squatting etc. Would like to share a documentary called 'Right in the Middle' (in german)

We made a mailing list!