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Electronic Medicine:

   Treating each cell like a circuit. 
   Capacitance results from resistance of the membrane and the inter and intra-cellular conductance. 

SPEAKER (Savio): Low frequency em fields to interact with fields, multiple cell sin a tissue, (e.g. synapse or gap junction) form an array Decreasing healing time for bone fractures (low em resonance with cells durng state of healing/repair) -> enhance effectiveness plant yields, timing, height. Could also be used to decrease cellular function, causing it to die, or for the opposite purpose. -->Perfecting the science, we've done shot-in-the-dark-tests, but how do the go together?

ALEX: --Prokaryotes? Low hanging fruit in terms of what can be studied?

SAVIO: It was in the context of medical devices, not sure of any, but could probably come up with some..It's not invasive, so it wouldn't necessarily be noticed, and it's viable in human subjects.

SEAN: Faraday cage in sudo room? Ground the walk-in fridge! High frequency res circuit by bending a conductor into a ring. Placed around plants= makeshift F-cage.

ALEX: DIY bio-- Let;s come up with some experiments, publish with PLOS one. This definitely exists, but we have an ideological aversion, red-tape, discourse of ignoring such phenomena.

SEAN: Multiplate capacitor, magnetic, proximity to cultures/seeds/ also a control not in proximity. NO voltage.

ALEX & RAYC: SUPER sensitive sensors hall effects sensors could be used.

ALEX: A lot we can do with plants. Increasing yield, low maintenance system, solar power, could be a big deal. Plants release sulfer, etc., Let's start with tracking slight changes, and changes we're aware of to determine our effectiveness, acuracy, reciseness of detection. Finely printed scaffolding- print cells in a regular grate pattern s.t. the pattern is controlable, subtly connect with a little bit of metal between them. Grow them in different conditions, different array patterns. YEAST

MIKE KAN: Most important starting point is determining how we sense these things? What kind of instrumentation do we use? Overcoming development of instruments for measurement.[Goes on to describe the levels of effectiveness/power in everything, with research at the top and engineering right underneath that- the chef is the engineer of food.

ALEX: How do we use that detection system- how do we read the tissue- we already know how to stimulate it.

MIKE: Knowledge, know a lot of stuff, size really matters- engineering factors really change at different sizes.

RACHEL : quantum gravity, spin and ultrasonic factors are part of the threshhold we're about to pass through. The whole point of the mental and physical spaces we're creating allow us to break through the hierarchies like that....What can we do to implement something like this?

ALEX: Pick a thing and start doing it.

SAVIO: Space to grow plants, make sure not to repeat the stuff that's done already. Looking at cells, to a see the ways they already grow tissure. Small wells, with INDIVIDUAL cells in each one, selectively connect them with printed conductors. PRint a large well-plate, a regularized array, print a few, in each the wells would be connected in a different pattern.

MIKE: Micro-acoustic measurements, electricity, light, etc. See the cell on its own scale. The immediacy of the response is the most important thing for actual development of this technology.

Figure out what the change is- information, ionically, etc. Study that change.

ALEX: Beckers experiments/salamanders. Replicate somehting that's been done before to ensur eour model and set-up are on point.


SEAN: High permeability shielded box, we could grow yeast, sprouts, mushrooms, etc.

ALEX: Automation of things that throw off EM- how much will have to be manual by necessity? -> Let's pick an EASY experiment to galvanize a group and share with others, get it going.