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The Art of Facilitation


  • Shared notepads (like this one) --> many voices (present and remote) able to participate, creates documentation
  • Stack-taking (and progressive stack - prioritizing voices less represented)
  • Whiteboards to demonstrate that people are being heard


  • Overly aggressive or overly passive stack/timekeeping
    • Aggressive: Cutting off people from expressing their ideas and opinions
    • Passive: Doesn't step in when someone's trampling over others in the meeting

Key Roles:[edit]

  • Creating a welcoming environment for new people / cross-culturally
  • Representing the space
  • Being prepared, knowing the agenda but being able to flex
  • Co-facilitate! Everyone should help the facilitator, take over when they're clearly exhausted emotionally
  • Keeping meetings on track, focused

Works Cited[edit]

Action Items[edit]

  • Start a mailing list?