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This page documents NON-USTREAM webcams. For Ustream, see each hackerspace's page, or the Ustream Matrix:

Webcam Matrix:

Ace Monster Toys[edit]

Appleton Makerspace powered by DHMN[edit]

Appleton, WI's very own hacker/maker space by


Canton Hacker And Maker Place[edit]

Hack Manhattan[edit] (Live stream of the webcam) (Snapshot of the live feed)

HeatSync Labs[edit]


Melbourne Makerspace[edit]

Pumping Station: One[edit]

Not a webcam, per se, but a programmatic analysis of activity of 4 webcam streams. Historical data up to 1 week.


Quelab[edit] just a simple occupancy camera. (android phone camera died, will replace it someday soon)

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