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After inital making of this page I find that our mapped location is not generally showing for proposed or building hackerspaces. Most/many local spaces are not mapped. Perhaps this is some admin or cached function.

If one searches for string of state "Connecticut" one will get a text listing but not a map. Generally in CT only a few spaces , mostly old and established .. and probably listed as "active" are getting mapped with the Google map function that goes with some pages of this wiki. We are not yet active so there is perhaps one obscure page that we might be mapped on. Either way proposed/building or eventually active MakeHartford will like to be on the map . On the mapped pages , some day. If we remain unmapped , how to fix this ? Will see.

I will like to get our space mapped as proposed hackerspace but by the time that works, in a few months ? We should be an active member paid space with a room, a space, and a physical hackerspace address. So mapping may be easier on this wiki when actually listed as an "active hackerspace" vs proposed ?

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