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First name Nate (Nathaniel)
Last Updated 2019-01-13
HAM Callsign NJ8Z
HAM Class Extra
Member of i3Detroit
Country USA

I'm checking on hackerspaces in Michigan to see if they're still active and get their pages updated accordingly.

I don't know for sure where I first heard about hackerspaces in their modern form, but surely Nick Farr was an early influence. He tried to get me to go on Hackers on a Plane. Didn't do that, but I did pop down to HacDC for a few weeks in their early days, and then tried to start The Detroit Facility, which went basically nowhere. However, then I got involved in i3Detroit and have been involved ever since!

I like to visit other spaces when I travel. I've spent some time at Pumping Station: One, FamiLAB, The Makers Alliance, Hammerspace, Dallas Makerspace, 23b Shop, Nullspace Labs, PDXHackerspace, Noisebridge, Hacker Dojo, and hopefully yours next.