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Færies are small sprites that live in the forest and assist the Animist notions of Life. They are like embodied love, for they were saved by the great mages who survived the First Age and the wars over magic and light. They now come from the abodes within Yggrisil -- the Tree of Life.

They have wings and can fly. Contrary to common belief, they don't commonly emit light, except when they feel love from others and it over-powers them. They get their language from the world-soul at large, rather than acquire it through time. They are the only race which does not specialize into a class. They do not have an infant stage, depending on how they are created. They only(?) age if they believe it or they don't find an adult partner committed to them to be their sponsor-protector.

Their primary trait is: "agile" with subtypes excitible or etherial. If this race loses mana, they'll fall narcoleptic and collapse asleep.

Nature is their God. Their advantage is Time Slots -- they are slightly quicker than others. They are attracted to magic, yet they don't know what to make of it and have to learn to be careful around it. That is, they may move towards a magic trap only to inadvertently set it off. Fortunately, they are quick enough to move out of the way -- they always have a hidden "critical" saving throw. However, they don't regenerate Hit-points quite as fast, and need loving support to heal (their home forest or a human(ish) partner) otherwise they lose their wings trying to be tough.

Faeries burn through mana faster if they're flying, rather than in your magician's breast pocket. Despite their extra speed advantage, they consume all their mana flying in the equivalent of what would be one round for regular players. So, if they stay still, they can accumulate 600 mana per round. This mana also gets expended if they get admired so much it makes them emit light (approx. 200 mana per time slot).

They level through building greater knowledge of smoothing conflict and turning it into higher-level gains -- each time s/he convinces a party not to kill, they gain a level. For this they must master conflict, have greater knowledge of the interconnections between NPCs ("Don't kill the Redbrand, he's connected to the leader with the map of the hidden mine!"), and master them. This means, s/he mustn't try to be the decision-maker for the group, otherwise s/he decided for the party, instead of the party trusting her/him when they would have killed the NPC(s). If the party does, however, decide to make this race the sole decision maker, instead of leveling, s/he silently gets to store power each time they follow her as decision-maker. With each time it amounts to a secret death saving-throw that she gets to keep. Since she's small, this is all it takes. These are not transferrable.

However, if the party ends up getting smeared all over Undermountain, they can lose the level and the DM can distribute the equivalent XP to party members. Alternatively, if the consequences were less dire, the party can ask for a gift. Otherwise, they lose and can't rebuild their mana until they make up for it. Sometimes, they just have to keep their mouth shut and help the party get more XP or choice loot.

Sometimes herbal masters divine knowledge to this race if there's an attunement established. The faery has to learn to trust these intuitions, or rather which channels are trustable.

Faeries need ASM to fly, INT to stay alert, PTY for their safety, and PER to have the advantage of their greater SPEED. Notably, and uniquely, since they had no gods but just believed in love, it is their PTY/WIS that is channeled into flight energy which grants them an extra time quanta -- up to 2, depending on the value. If they are typecast to their race, a PTY value of 15 or greater gives 2 extra quanta, otherwise a lower value give +1. If they are not typecast, then they get a one time increase of +1 if their PTY value is over 15. This is one race which doesn't get more tier-based bonus modifiers, because all that speed is used to make the universe work. So no more than 2 quanta are rewarded, ever. If they were not typecast and their PTY was not over 15, they might get a bonus if their INT is over 18. That is the only other consideration for more bonusii.

Since they level unlike others, they should not have a class, but be seen as a combination of all classes. It was the faery, Sìhmaen, that taught citizens of Faerun that killing wasn't the best way to win with dragons when she learned to tame him and he bestowed gifts. Faery mates don't have babies as normal, they're somewhat neuter anyway, and instead they must wish for it and wait to find the child inside a flower before bloom.

Faeries know where to find gemstones scattered in the realm, if they're not buried deep into mountains. Getting that information out of them, however, is a whole other encounter. Trickery is generally required.

Their race originates after the establishment of civilization sometime after the fall of the Second Age, trapped by it's failure, but awarded wings by the gods as consolation for their hearts. Their name has the same root as the Faeruni.

DM notes:

  • Aging happens by the consumption of the pre-transformation self.
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