Uptown Labs

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Uptown Labs
Status planned
Country United States of America
State or District Missouri
City Columbia
Date of founding 2009/07/04
Last Updated 2009-07-25
Website uptownlabs.net
E-mail chipdbnr@gmail.com
Snail mail

North 7th Street
65201 Columbia
United States of America

Number of members 10
Membership fee TBD
Size of rooms TBD
Location 38° 57' 5.61" N, 92° 19' 39.24" W

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UPTOWN LABS is a co-working, workshop, and classroom space designed for hackers, crafters, artists, bicyclists, and other DiY advocates.

We combine the social and creative elements of a coffee shop with the productive and functional principals of a workshop, supplying our members with a central location for their creative collaboration needs.

Becoming a member provides admittance to the "workshop" areas of the space, use of shared tools, lending privileges in our community library, and license to teach a course for a profit. Membership also provides a voice in future group decisions. Rent and most expenses are paid for by a combination of our members' monthly dues and donations from supporters.