Toolbox Bodensee e.V.

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Toolbox Bodensee e.V.
Status suspected inactive
Country Germany
State or District Baden-Württemberg
City Markdorf
Date of founding 2014/03/01
Last Updated 2023-10-01
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Bergheimer Str. 6
Deutschland-88677 Markdorf

Number of members 35
Membership fee Teenager: ~60€/Year Grown up: 90€/Year
Size of rooms 400m²
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes
Location 47° 42' 44.26" N, 9° 23' 58.44" E

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The Toolbox Bodensee e.V. is a german, non-profit club offering “digital workshops” for teenagers. We're also home to the local Freifunk Bodensee community and host a monthly Chaostreff. At the moment we got a few 3d printers, soldering stations, heavy tools, CNC milling, retro video games, RC airplanes and multicopters, Club Mate and other cool stuff in our 400+ square meter club home. We also do have some talks and lectures every now and then.

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