The Responsibility Pattern

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This page is a part of Design Patterns.

Its content is derived from the presentation "Building a Hacker Space" by Jens Ohlig and Lars Weiler.

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You volunteered for the task of running a critical piece of infrastructure, e.g. the mail server, but you feel the sudden urge to slack.


Just because volunteer work doesn’t get paid doesn’t mean it’s less important. Remember that you will directly hurt your friends and the hackerspace. Take pride in your volunteer work. It will make you grow stronger as a person and is satisfying. When you realise that you really cannot do the job anymore, your last task is to hand it over.

Sub-Pattern: Distributed Responsibility[edit]

An improved version is the Distributed Responsibility Pattern, which can easily be implemented by assigning more than one person to take care of critical infrastructure. People come and go, this is normal, but you don't want your only website admin gone forever out of reach. At least two people per task can learn from and support each other. --Daniel Bohrer (talk) 03:19, 14 April 2015 (UTC)