Tel Aviv Makers Intl.

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Tel Aviv Makers Intl.
Tami logo.png
Status active
Country Israel
City Tel Aviv
Date of founding 2010/05/08
Last Updated 2023-04-24
972 3 372 6660
Snail mail

Shoken 19, Tel Aviv
 Tel Aviv

Number of members 30
Membership fee suggested 200 ILS monthly, payable by cash, bitcoin, or directly to the amuta bank account
Size of rooms ~100 m^2
Members AlonLevy, Astra, Ehud, Shekel, Yuvadm
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? maybe
Location 32° 3' 9.65" N, 34° 46' 20.78" E

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Tel Aviv Makers Intl. (TAMI) is currently the largest hackerspace in Israel. We are an active community of about two dozen hackerspace members, and many more visitors and friends. TAMI is home to many activities ranging from hardware, electronics and woodworking to free and open-source software, biology and food hacking.

The space is open almost all the time, 24/7. Members have keys, and visitors are always welcome!

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TAMI has approx. 160 m^2 of working spaces, that include:

  • Electronics table, fully equipped with mechanical tools, soldering tools, scopes, logic analyzers, and basic electronic parts (resistors, capacitors, ICs, etc.)
  • Hardware room with plenty of scrap wood and other materials to work with, table saw, band saw, drills, vast collection of nuts and bolts, nails and screws, and the necessary safety equipment.
  • Metal working area with welding equipment, and proper ventilation.
  • 3D printer station (which might be under maintenance sometimes, ask beforehand)
  • Central computing area with Linux, BSD and Windows workstations for anyone to use freely
  • Chem/Bio lab - coming soon
  • Library housing plenty of books and reference material
  • Kitchen for any of your culinary needs
  • Audio and video equipment (stereo system, HD projector)

Current Projects[edit]

  • ATtami - an ATtiny85-based self-designed board
  • OpenNAS cluster
  • Weekly UNIX/GNU/Linux workshops
  • Software-defined Radio (SDR) meetups


TAMI is open to anyone and everyone who wants to visit, we are open almost every single day.

If you want to drop by, either:

  • Give us a call +972 03 372 6660
  • Visit us on Monday evenings, when we are guaranteed to be open for visitors