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Previous Discussions[edit]

  • Back to the drawing board: Value safe space and non-discrimination over individuals' rightful opinions.
  • "individuals' rightful opinion" could be too vague and overbroad. Eddankatz 21:09, 17 May 2012 (UTC-7)
  • safety and discrimination are experienced at diverse levels that are hard to universally identify. Eddankatz 21:10, 17 May 2012 (UTC-7)
  • the acute ends of behavior and experience could end up dictating the general rule. Eddankatz 21:11, 17 May 2012 (UTC-7)
  • Now thinking something like:
  • Value safe space over ideological positions.
  • Referring to "A place where anyone can relax and be fully self-expressed, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, age, or physical or mental ability; a place where the rules guard each person's self-respect and dignity and strongly encourage everyone to respect others." As cited on Wikipedia. Wrought 22:45, 28 May 2012 (CEST)
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