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Trans · Hack · eXploration
Type of Symposion
Start 2021-06-28 (iCal)
End 2021-07-11
Homepage: Invitation à/to THX
Venue: Amarauna
City: Ziordia
Country: Euskal Herria
Min Cost: 00 USD <br />0 EUR <br />0 GBP <br />0 BTC <br />0 INR <br />
Max Cost: 300 EUR365.854 USD <br />259.756 GBP <br />0.00951 BTC <br />26,696.341 INR <br />
Event in series THX

Trans · Hack · …X…

The THX series started in 2019 with an invitation to bring together hackers and philosophers and explore collective asymmetry through the prism of self-organization, infrastructure, and solidarity. In 2020, the global pandemic situation forced us to talk about taking care and produce, over the course of 6 months of discussion and two weeks of gathering, a booklet (in French) titled Prendre Soin ; the booklet formed a collage of text excerpts from the symposion linking to the full texts online and associated discussions. This format exhibited the chaos and fragmentation of the global situation, and provided a diversity of entry points to explore and discuss various aspects of collective practices and power asymmetries.

The THX Series[edit]

Trans · Hack · eXploration[edit]

THX was the name of a meeting in 2019 that aimed to bring together hackers and philosophers to explore revolutionary, feminist, and decolonial concept sets in light of concrete approaches to technological production.

  • Diffraction + Decentralisation: exploring collective asymmetry (2019)

TransHack .Xist.nce…[edit]

From this gathering was born a collaborative writing space and the Archipel collective that produced in 2020, after months of discussion around the notion of taking care, an eponymous booklet: Prendre Soin.

  • Prendre Soin (2020)

Trans · Hack · …X…[edit]

The adventure is renewed in 2021 with an invitation to live together and think in acts the relations of our woven networks, forging alliances, questioning the means to support these resistances emerging spontaneously because of the worsening of the situation, the tools of collective organization for the dispersed networks of struggles as the European collectives of carers and the peasants’ struggles…

  • Trans · Hack · eXploration (2021)

About the event[edit]


The original THX occurs once a year with a small group of participants who discuss topics of collective practices and free technology production with an anti-capitalist, de-colonial, and collectivist standpoint. The gathering — people meet in person, despite any contradictory alien orders — for a few days of living together in a collective (sharing all reproductive tasks) and producing texts through intense discussions and focused writing.


Before the event, topics are selected in continuity with previous work, and according to the deep concerns of the community, with a strong focus on existing experience, working institutional arrangements of the resistance networks, a will to explore contradictions and to transmit valuable organizational knowledge to like-minded grassroots organizations.

During the event, collective life and aligned attentions help produce synergies, resulting in a transmissible — as in contagion — corpus of texts that can nourish the larger community, in the form of printed materials and open discussion.

After the event, readers and writers can discuss the texts and contribute further to the research, confronting their experience with the ongoing theoretical work.

Purpose & Prospect[edit]

THX aims to bring grassroots organizational methodologies to hackers and activists in a distributed way: gathering practitioners, exploring topics, producing knowledge, returning it to the community. Although THX events were initially kicked of by 0xF and petites singularités (p.s.: ) and organized subsequently by p.s.: independently, the goal is to define a reproducible methodology to input dispersed signal to the community, so as to inspire others to do the same — in a stigmergic way —; you may think of the THX as constructive interference in (and beyond) the hackerspaces network, with an interest in uncoordinated social change highlighting the strength and diversity of situated experience too often minorized.