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Things written in the margin:

Addison Live lab, "occupy congress", Hacker's Brew, Jargon file, Patterns doc, "working on my doing skills",, Invite your friends, February


Marc, Jenny, Phil, David, Paul (Pi), Matt, Jane


  • Add beer / brewing measurement experiments to project list - Marc
  • Marc also needs a job, and a housemate. FYI
  • Brief overview of strategy to open a Sudo Room (ver 0.1) soon, but eventually expand into a Sudo Space (ver 1.0)
    • Generally well accepted, advantageous for us to find a good space.
    • Later, had the idea to send out an open request to hackerspace friends to find good / suitable locations--added to action items (below).
  • Space / place / price / etc. discussion about location
    • Came up with a minimum set of requirements, check Sudo room/open a space for up-to-date details but for posterity, see our initial list:
      • Minimum Requirements
        • BART is close by
        • Disability / wheelchair access
        • Vehicle parking (motor and human-powered) is possible.
        • Bathroom
        • Sink (at least one, preferably outside of bathroom)
        • Late access (preferably 24 hour)
        • Ability to make some noise (at least event noise)
        • Internet
        • Electricity
        • Security and privacy
          • e.g. not a hallway or shared access with other tenants we don't know.
        • Landlord must either support the idea or be agnostic to it--not against.
      • Flexibile Agilities
        • Can deal with no heat/air
        • Carpet or flooring not important
        • Can live without amenities or luxuries.
      • Other Requirements
        • Min size: ___ Max size: ___
        • Min price: ___ Max price: ___
      • Bonus
        • Roof access
        • Vehicle parking (motor and human-powered) is readily available and secure or private.
        • BART is extremely close.
        • Landlord loves us.
  • We should use IRC!
  • Add Jenny to Wordpress site (marc has admin too so should be easy)
    • Also ask Jenny to connect to Rachel affiliated with noisebridge and #occupyoakland about successful kickstarter and fiscal sponsorship opportunities.
  • Open techincal needs: donation system, meetup confirmation system.
  • Event at end of February
    • Need to better define motivation, audience for event. (Action item to create email list poll).
    • Originally thought of DNA barcoding, GMO verification, as implication to the possibility of "reverse engineering" a GMO.
    • Might be in our best interest to make this a speaking engagement, get a good speaker.
    • Fundamentally, what's going to help us open a hackerspace?
    • PI can get us a room in Soda Hall for an event ;)
  • Idea came up of doing "5 Minutes of Fame" events, even weekly, or monthly.
      • Suggestions include Ignacio Chapela, _______
  • Add Foreclosure Map to project list.
  • Connect to person who (runs?) HOPE conference.

Action Items[edit]

  • Email about space to list, provide links to Sudo room/open a space.
    • Owner: Matt
  • Determine possible price points, do some basic estimates on membership contribution to open a space very soon.
    • Owner: Marc
  • Email out a poll about Feb event and gauge email list members' willingness to contribute monthly dues (what amount is reasonable?)
    • Owner: Matt
  • Secure a location for Feb event (end of month).
    • Owner: Paul (Pi)