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Status active
Country Netherlands
State or District Utrecht
City Utrecht
Date of founding 2009/01/01
Last Updated 2022-05-07
Website http://www.randomdata.nl
Wiki http://www.randomdata.nl/wiki
IRC irc://irc.freenode.net/randomdata
E-mail info at our domainnameURIs of the form "info at our domainname" are not allowed.
Mailinglist http://www.randomdata.nl/wiki/index.php/Communication#E-Mailinglist
Snail mail


Number of members 10
Membership fee €25/month for supporters and €10/month for juniors
Size of rooms ~20m2 in total
Location 52° 5' 30.36" N, 5° 7' 49.57" E

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Randomdata1.jpg Randomdata2.jpg Randomdata3.jpg Randomdata4.jpg Randomdata was founded in 2009 and got an actual space later that year
We are open every Tuesday and trying every Thursday. We also have some adhoc opening hours. Check out our high volume twitter-stream for opening hours.
For more "global" anouncements we have this Twitter account. Also check our wiki, our agenda and please feel free to contact us, come by and help us to make Randomdata a nice place!

We also maintain a mailinglist: drop an email info and domain name randomdata dot nl with the subject "E-Mailinglist_on", to remove "E-Mailinglist_off", currently we don't use it YET but for future purposes you can drop your address.

This Hackerspace has a RIPE Atlas