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"Billions of Bucks: A Cyberpunk Revue" in Harvard Sq. +Billions of Bucks: A Cyberpunk Revue  +


0711 first steps +First Steps towards a hackspace in Stuttgart  +
0x736563 +0x736563  +


1 year Open Labs celebration +1 year Open Labs celebration  +
10+1 Jahre Chaostreff Dortmund +10+1 Jahre Chaostreff Dortmund  +


2011-06-18: Open Door at shackspace! +check the shack! tdot#02  +
2018 survey of expectations +This is the analysis of the small initial 2018 survey into peoples expectations of hacker/maker-style workshops/spaces.  +
20th German Championships in lock opening in Cologne, Germany +20th German lock opening Championships - 2016  +
23B Shop Party +23B Shop Party  +
256 Con +256 Con  +
2600nl +2600nl meeting  +
2600nl camp +2600nl camp  +
26C3 +26C3  +
29th Chaos Communication Congress +29C3  +
2ème session du Raspberry Pi au CERN +2ème session du Raspberry Pi au CERN  +


3D Printer Workshop - Building a RepRap Prusa Mendel Iteration 3 +3D Printer Workshop - Building a RepRap Prusa Mendel Iteration 3  +
3taps Creative Commons Data Viz Hackathon +3taps/Creative Commons Hackathon  +


4-H Robotics & Technology Club +Open House  +
48 Hour Startup +48 Hour Startup  +


A Pado Loup +A Pado Loup  +
A Slice of Pi at MakeLV +A Slice of Pi  +
A lecture about Hackerspaces at Bibliotheca Alexandrina , Egypt +Hackerspaces/Makerspaces and how to start one  +
AMach Meetup +AMach Meetup  +
APO33 +APO33 is a not-for-profit association/artists collective founded by Julien Ottavi in 1996. APO33 research practices cross philosophy, poetry, visual, sonic art and anything else that may arrive through collaborative working. APO33 operates across networked and physical spaces and develops tools (hardware/software) for creative projects and the wider FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) community of artists and programmers.  +
ATLHAX +ATLHAX (ASW3 2nd Sprint)  +
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