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survey, theory, questionnaire, expectations, tools, community, study  +
hacker, artists, noise, floss, medialab, apodio, gnu/linux  +
Letters, Abbenay  +
tardis, console, scifi, steampunk, touch screen, virtual DJ, Theremin  +
Dalek steampunk doctor who scifi hardware hacking modification metal work fiberglass fabrication  +
Arduino, GPS, Rails  +
prize money challenges centennial NASA  +
webdesign, belfast  +
service, product, development, business, spread, curriculum, learning, eLearning  +
constellation, distributed computing, boinc, hackerspace global grid  +
copisterio, face to face, peer to peer, real life sharing, filtering  +
DIY Open Source FMS Mill Router  +
DIY,berlin,colony,decentralized,manual,cookbook,architecture,building,<br>design,theoretical,framework,temporary,space,artist,production,performance,recycled  +
books,library  +
BioDiesel  +
drik magazine wiki net lab mexico houston monterrey costa mesa franz francisco zubizarreta alonso cedillo mata katia haus moore delia beatriz martinez  +
OpenWrt, Linux, Wifi, Arduino, Ethernet  +
makerspace, sydney, arduino, open source hardware, 3d printing, woodworking  +
electric generator turbine wind mill magnet wire free energy renewable off grid inverter alternate  +
end, of, year, locker, filter  +