Present Around The Campus October

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Present Around The Campus October
First QUESTS Present Around The Campus
Subevent of QUESTS Present Around The Campus
Type of Conference
Start 31/10/11
Venue: TBC
City: Belfast
Country: United Kingdom
Min Cost: Free for QUESTS Members
"Free for QUESTS Members" is not a number.
Max Cost: 5
3.7 EUR
3.05 GBP
0.00714 BTC
308.1 INR
Important dates
Workshops due: 24/10/11
Tutorial due: 24/10/11
Abstracts due: 24/10/11
Papers due: 24/10/11
Posters due: 24/10/11
Demos due: 24/10/11
Submissions due: 24/10/11
Camera ready due:
The date "Yes" was not understood.
The date "Yes" was not understood.

Present your work or anything you're interested in to the QUESTS Present Around The Campus (PATCests, as in Pat Cests).

Presentations to be fun, interactive, and just a little crazy, and be 5-20minutes long.

Dual-projectors will be available, and presentations can be videotaped at the presenters discretion.

To submit, either add your title and abstract below, with your name and a contact email, or email

Confirmed Abstracts[edit]

Piracy - A Study of Pirates and Their Influence on Pop Culture[edit]

Speaker: Matt Collins

Misleading titles are fun.

I did this years ago in a comedy club. May update it slightly or just reuse what Ive already got.

Potential Talks[edit]

The Below Talks May Not Appear at This Event but will be Cycled to the next event or at the speakers discretion

Hello Computer[edit]

Speaker: Niall McLaughlin

Not really an abstract but here's some ideas. I'm nearing the end of my PhD now, so I could probably give a talk on some of my research. I don't know if would be as interesting to other people as to me...

During my PhD I've been working on robust biometrics - speaker recognition that's robust to substantial background noise and facial recognition, robust to severe lighting variation. While my research itself is probably not suitable for a general audience, I could give a talk on the generalities of how, for example, facial recognition works - hopefully without getting bogged down into too much maths!

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