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Null Space Labs
Status active
Country United States of America
State or District California
City Los Angeles
Date of founding 2010/05/01
Last Updated 2023-10-01
  1. nsl on efnet
Snail mail

4610 Valley Blvd STE F
90032 Los Angeles
United States of America

Number of members 30
Membership fee US$40 per month; guests are always welcome to drop in for free.
Size of rooms 2000+ ft²
Location 34° 3' 44.62" N, 118° 10' 59.55" W

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NullSpace has a focus on electronics and hacking, we do lots of LED blinkies ( obviously ) , RFID , robots and so on. NSL regularly builds its own PCB's and designs a lot of projects for people to work on.

Here is a list of some of the equipment we have :-

600x900mm 1200 Watt laser cutter
ZCorp 310+ 3D Printer
Accurate CNC360 CNC machine
LPKF PCB ElectroPlater
Juki 360 Pick and place
Lots and lots of Metcal soldering irons
Many microscopes
Air compressor
Mini Lathe
Drill Presses
Professional grade Fog Machine

Lots and lots of dev boards, FPGA , ARM, atmel etc etc. We have more than one million components onsite too!

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