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Status suspected inactive (see discussion)"suspected inactive (see discussion)" is not in the list (active, planned, building, closed, unknown, reformatting, suspected inactive) of allowed values for the "Hackerspace status" property.
Country Russian Federation
City Moscow
Date of founding 2011/07/01
Last Updated 2020-09-03
Snail mail

Russian Federation

Number of members >30">" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 30.
Membership fee Dynamic membership: 3,000 RUR (no fixed workplace)
Static membership: 10,000 RUR (fixed workplace)
Size of rooms 156 m²
Location 55° 45' 21.02" N, 37° 38' 36.60" E

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Initial call for action has been published in the Russian OpenBTS blog:

By Sept 2013 we have more then 30 members and looking for more members to join us and make our hackerspace an engineering paradise. Original members were mostly from Fairwaves, eSage Lab and onSec teams. Now we also have 3D printing guys from Laboratory of 3D printing, industrial designers from Object Lab, AI specialists from Cubic Robotics, visual and sound artists and other IT and non-IT hackers.

Seminars and workshops range from computer security, robots, software defined radio and mobile networks to art, board games and marketing. Come and help us provide more high quality events!