Midsouth Makers

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Midsouth Makers
Status active
Country United States of America
State or District Tennessee
City Memphis
Date of founding 2010/01/08
Last Updated 2023-08-01
Website http://www.midsouthmakers.org
Wiki http://wiki.midsouthmakers.org
IRC http://www.midsouthmakers.org/webchat/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TheMidsouthMakers
Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/midsouthmakers
Twitter http://twitter.com/Midsouthmakers
E-mail info@midsouthmakers.org
Mailinglist http://groups.midsouthmakers.org
Snail mail

2804 Bartlett Rd, Suite 3
38134 Memphis
United States of America

Number of members 45
Membership fee
  • $75 / Month For Family – 2 Adults + any dependents.
    • Each Adult is a full member
  • $45 / Month Single Adult Membership
    • Covers a +1 Spouse / Relative / Dependent / Social Visitor
  • $25 / Month Student or Learning Institution Faculty
Size of rooms 2500 ft²
Location 35° 12' 8.14" N, 89° 52' 6.64" W

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MidsouthMakersBanner.png Memphis, Tennessee area hackerspace featuring diverse interests of technology, science, art, and crafting.


Midsouth Makers aims to sustain the first ever hackerspace within the greater Memphis area. The goal of this hackerspace is bring in builders, tinkers, artists, makers, and doers together under one roof to form a makerspace. By bringing together these people a common place can be established to meet and discuss ideas, explore various technical endeavors, and communicate these thoughts with individuals from various backgrounds. Ultimately we seek to further our knowledge as individuals and as a group by learning what we can from each other.

Weekly Meetings[edit]

Every Friday at 7pm
Informal meetings and open house at our space:
2804 Bartlett Rd, Suite 2 Memphis, TN 38134


We started as a group of people online with a common idea. We had all heard about the idea of “hackerspaces” or “makerspaces” where geeks could come and work on projects together. Coming to the realization that Memphis and the surrounding area has no such group, we decided it was time for one to exist. We joined forces for the first time as a group on January 8th, 2010.

It was at this first gathering that we decided on the name Midsouth Makers and thus incorporated it within the state of Tennessee. While waiting for that paperwork to come back we were sent a bit of inspiration in the form of a visit from some Pumping Station: One members. It was from the encouragement of these visitors that we decided to hold weekly meetings. Those meetings were likely the singular best thing we could have done yet. Since then the meetings have continued to grow in size almost to the point of bursting. Along with our paramount growth we have acquired a tax ID and a bank account to operate with!

In December 2010, barely a year after founding our group, we moved into our first physical location at 2203 Freemont Rd. Memphis, TN 38114. Since then we have continued to work towards group and individual projects. We have a nice array of tools in our shared shop space as well has a the foundations of a member donated library with various tech manuals and books. We have our very own server room that members are welcome to add to and we’re in the planning stages of expanding to a digital library. We have been fortunate in donations by various people, groups, and corporations in the Memphis area.

As of July 2012, we relocated to a shop in the heart of Bartlett, TN. Our current address is 2804 Bartlett Rd Ste #3, Memphis, TN 38134. As we grew in number and gained experience in playing host to a hackerspace and its rather unique challenges (not to mention its rather unique members), we sought a space that would better serve our members and reach more potential Makers. While our infancy on Freemont will be fondly remembered, our home in Bartlett is geared to support us as we continue to grow and build cool things. The entire space is indoors and air-conditioned, with the garage door and shop area able to be isolated from the rest for comfort. We are located immediately next to the spacious W.J. Freeman Park, offering potential opportunities for aircraft, activities, or spousal/spawn distraction. We are also central to many fine eateries, entertainment venues, and it doesn’t hurt to have a Radio Shack 30 seconds away.