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  • BEGIN: 2021-09-08, about 18:00 UTC
  • END: 2021-09-08, about 19:15 UTC


  • zeno4ever
  • bronsen
  • waterppk
  • g5pw
  • buZz
  • add your name here


  1. status of Project Registration on IRC network (bronsen)
  2. improve new hs entries, eg make url or email mandatory ? (some entries only mention an address)
  3. gratz about the new bridging! maybe turn off joins/parts on Telegram? (g5pw)
  4. What mailing lists are there on HSo? (bronsen)


  1. status of Project Registration
  1. wiki
  • its awesome we love you
  • wiki seems to work fine now, no known issues. (kudo's for the administrators)
  • add more history! Set up a seperate category and invite people to enter stuff that was never on HSO prior, to show our legacy more visibly
  1. mandatory fields
  • the form for new HS entries shall make providing a URL mandatory
  • providing a contact email address should be strongly suggested but not mandatory
  • this makes contacting spaces for wiki maintenance easier
  • we need a way for projects that just have started to enter their information as well, even if they have no url yet:
  • alternative template that can be changed later
  1. bridge to telegram settings
* didn't happen
  1. mailing lists