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Maker Kids
Maker kids logo.png
Status active
Country Canada
State or District Ontario
City Toronto
Date of founding 2012/04/19
Last Updated 2023-11-26
Phone 14165343848
Snail mail

2241 Dundas st west
Canada-M6R1X6 Toronto

Number of members 20
Membership fee After school classes $250 / 10 weeks 2 hrs per week.

Summer camp $250 per full week. Drop in memberships to be determined.

Size of rooms 900 ft²
Location 43° 39' 15.48" N, 79° 27' 7.31" W

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Maker Kids is a non-profit organization that enables kids to come up with their own projects, and create them with real tools and materials. Our goal is to inspire and empower kids to think, design, experiment and create by offering workshops, seminars, and afterschool programs at schools and at our Makerspace in Roncesvalles village in the west end of Toronto.

We started in 2009 with a summer program and school events. We have obtained a permanent space and renovations are in progress. Our Makerspace has areas and tools for woodworking, electronics, mechanical creations, programming, art, sewing, and all kinds of other crafting and making. It is a centre for ideas and inspiration, hosting a library and access to online resources.

Our program relies on a strong volunteer base and mentorship by kids themselves. Our adult collaborators will be facilitators for the kids, and will also encourage them to seek out resources to learn on their own, and to teach each other. Teenage collaborators will help the younger kids as a part of their high school volunteer hours, as well as work on their own project.

Interwoven with everything we do is our philosophy to honour kids’ own creativity and trust their abilities. Kids who are confident in their own abilities are capable of learning and doing anything!