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Status active
Country United States of America
State or District Massachusetts
City Easthampton, Massachusetts
Date of founding 2024/02/20
Last Updated 2024-04-04
Snail mail

 Easthampton, Massachusetts
United States of America

Membership fee Currently free to join, once a permanent location is established there will likely be a monthly/yearly membership for extended access/other benefits
Location 42° 16' 0.34" N, 72° 40' 8.33" W

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MakeFixHack is a growing community of makers, tinkerers, hackers, crafters, and other like-minded people, sharing knowledge and working to create a community workshop/hackerspace in or near Easthampton, MA.

MakeFixHack is an open and welcoming community and strives to be a safe space for all. We are currently in search of a permanent home but have regular "talk & tinker" meetups as well as social gatherings at various nearby locations.