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Status active
Country United States of America

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City Louisville

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Last Updated 2015-01-07



lvl1 on





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1205 E Washington st, KY 40205
United States of America

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9000 ft

Members Sean McPherson
Location 38° 14' 38", -85° 44' 20"
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LVL1 opened its doors July 2010 at 814 East Broadway in downtown Louisville KY. The building (a former massage parlor) has been gutted and partitioned to allow a climate controlled 2000 sf Main Space and an additional 2000 sf basement space (Wood Shop & Server room) While vacant, we have access to the rest of the building as well: 8000 sf ballroom, 8000 sf basement (Powerwheel Storage, 3D mill & Metal casting shop, and archery range), 2x1500 sf lofts (1 for Meetings, Presentations and Library, 1 for music).

This summer, we will be relocating to a nearby building that is much bigger and nicer than our current space. More information about our progress can be found on our website and mailing list.

We have a growing collection of tools, machines and projects.

We maintain a huge donated 'boneyard' of computer and electronics parts for free reuse in member projects.(Say a member needs a used X-Ray machine. Not a problem, we have 2)

We hold regular hands-on workshops open to the public.

Members have 24x7 access to the space and equipment. General meetings and open build sessions happen every Tuesday at 8pm. Movie and Make Friday Night starting 7pm or 8pm.(BYOMovie) Fortnightly on Mondays there is the Sound builders Meetup, dedicated to making your own electronic music & Musical instruments, Alternating with that are Monthly, on Wednesdays we host The Kentucky Open Source Society (KYOSS)

Pretty much every day, from ~ 4 pm til ~ 1 AM, people are in the space, doing, hacking, making....

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