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Why to hack Nature - by decoding a natural Sourcecode
Where Inet -
Who anyone who likes it
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Tags philosophy, information, matter, mind, artificial intelligence, advanced nanotechnologies, systemtheory, metaphysics

The Aim is to hack natural Informationstructures - Generationsgame is a Philosophy-based Game with its own Hypothesis on how the World works. In the Game everything is Information - the World is a physical Philosopher which is described in the Formula EMC8 (Energy is Matter is Consciousness in Infinity - Information in that Formula is part of Consciousness). In that Thesis an INformationarchitecture of Nature comes with it . In general it says that every level of Matter has its own Informationlevel and all levels are regulated by one natural Sourcecode. So looking at the atomal level, the atom also has its own informaionlevel, whitch lies like in the cell inside the core of the atom, where you find the Quarkgluonexchange QGE. This QGE operates besides matter and energy tasks also information tasks. Its about decoding the atoms code to gain access to a deeper level of information and to start decoding the vertical operating natural Sourcecode. This kind of challenge will result in discovering natural quantumcomputing and natural algorithms, which are beyond everything human has created. By doing so it will lead to a synchronisation of Man, Nature and Technology. Its not hacking technology anymore its about hacking the great machine - Nature. So Generationsgame needs your skills to progress. If you like it - join it.

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