International hackerspace Open day 2022

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International hackerspace Open day 2022
International open day 2022
Type of Party
Start 2022/03/26 (iCal)
End 2022/03/26
Country: Any country

Every last Saturday of March there is International Open Hackerspace Day.

Show your space to your local community! Previous editions many spaces participated, add your space below.

What could you do ?[edit]

  • make a press release and spread this around your (local) newspapers, websites etc. (include nice hires pic with people on it)
  • explain the word 'hacker' and maker (some people have still a negative/criminal interpretation of hackers)
  • show people around your space and explain what a hackerspace is.
  • give an workshop eg soldering, programming, arduino
  • give a 'lecture' about privacy, IoT (and lack of security), open source software.
  • any more ideas? Add them here.

For previous editions see International Open Hackerspace Day

Participating spaces are[edit]