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Why To free cyberspace from corporate and governmental dictatorship
Where Globally
Who User:gmc, [[Working On::User:[dot]ret|[dot]ret]]
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Tags internet, mesh network, space program, communication sattelite

Intermesh (working title) is a project striving to unite disparate and localized efforts and initiatives to create grass-roots electronic networks enabling people to exchange information freely.

There are two motivating trends to this project. On the one hand we see a number of projects world-wide that surpass the range and abilities of commercial-grade telecommunications carriers. On the other hand there is an increasing grip on the internet at large by industries that want to clamp down on information sharing and governments that want to limit the nature of information available.

The disconnection of whole countries, censorship but also industry-lobby threats to free speech such as ACTA and 'three strikes you're out' show that there is a need for a free alternative, powered by people and not corporations.

This page is currently a stub, a place to collect links and information and to see if there is interest. As the year 2011 progresses, the project will take shape.


  • Unite geographically spread meshing networks and other grass-roots networking projects
  • Design and roll-out intercontinental links
  • Launch a fleet of communication satellites
  • we have a lot of grass-roots networks in local areas
    • mesh networking in various cities
    • longer-range point-to-point wireless networks
    • community fiber infrastructures
    • ham radio and other non-wifi band work
    • darknets / overlay networks on the existing inet

Way I see it, there's some issues:

    • all local, different protocols (although most tend to go with IP networks and mostly BGP routing, if not mesh)
      • So the first issue is about coming up with some way to interlink them on a protocol level: how to route between the different networks, how to exchange data in such a way that it can be used on all nets. We could design a protocol that is embedded in whatever protocol the other nets use. The new protocol should take into account the plethora of media it could be transported on, perhaps even offering various degrees of service depending on the underlying dependability and capacity.
    • overseas links to connect continents
      • satelittes
      • other long-range link tech?


A random collection of relevant links: