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Helsinki Hacklab
Status active
Country Finland
City Helsinki
Date of founding 2010-01-17
Last Updated 2023-10-01
358 44 912 9922
Snail mail

Takkatie 18 (entrance behind the building)
00370 Helsinki

Number of members about 450 members, ~85 keyholders"about" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 450.
Membership fee 42€/year for membership and 20–40€/month for own key
Size of rooms 460m²
Members Anacron, Dah, Elmom, Jssmk
Location 60° 13' 19.16" N, 24° 51' 6.80" E

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Helsinki Hacklab is the first Finnish open hackerspace. We organize workshops, lectures and collaborative projects for our members and everyone else. On Tuesdays we have Open Day where we meet other members and visitors, pursue our own projects, teach each others, arrange the space, eat pizza and make plans. Our focus has been in electronics and embedded systems, but we are open to any agenda. We have a classroom as well as workrooms for electronics, woodwork, 3D printing and general computer use. We arrange introductory weekend courses irregularly and more advanced weekly courses in electronics and other subjects. We also share the space with another club that launches rockets to the sky!

The space is located about 9 kilometers from Helsinki city center. You can reach us with bus or train. The place is between two train stations: Pitäjänmäki and Mäkkylä, both in zone B. These stations also have bus stops, and e.g. beltway bus route 550 goes past. Check Reittiopas for Helsinki region public transport routes to the lab: Directions to Takkatie 18.

Weekly open doors every Tuesday staring at 17.00 and usually continuing past midnight, but very likely somebody is hanging around in the lab at this very moment too. To visit the space just come any Tuesday, or contact us beforehand on our IRC channel or with email – or if you happen to be already around, can't find the door or something, please call our phone number. We are happy to receive visitors! Wheelchair access is somewhat limited, but the only inaccessible place should be the bathroom (we're working on this problem). Please send us email beforehand if you plan to visit us on some other day than Tuesday or arranged event day, or if Tuesday happens to collide with some national holiday etc.

You can find all Finnish "official" independent Hacklabs at

Helsinki Hacklab
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